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What is StarRCoat?

StarR One Coat is the base coat for Stucco Wall Systems. It is factory prepared proprietary mixture of sand, water and proprietary ingredients. Applied in a single coat it saves time in scheduling and helps to reduce labor costs. Can be used on a variety of building surfaces including EPS, masonry, and lath and can be used in residential and commercial building projects.

Benefits of StarRCoat:

  • Single Application
  • Minimal Cracking when cured properly
  • Fiber-Reinforced
  • Durable
  • Superior weathering
  • 1 hour fire resistant rated


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Other Uses:

the StarR-5 CI System

The StarR-5 CI-System is an exterior continuous insulated wall system. StarR One Coat is used along with StarRFoam’s high quality EPS rigid insulation to provide builders with a true continuous insulation (CI). It gives residential and commercial builders the opportunity for an R-value of “5” in their exterior wall assembly. Helps to reduce energy costs making the building more energy efficient.

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